Our Story

Founded and operated by Phil, OpenHuddle is a media agency focused on delivering strategic marketing campaigns for the healthcare industry.

Our Begining

The idea for OpenHuddle came about when Phil began to recognize flaws in the traditional model, leading to missed opportunities and overlooked value. The detrimental comprehension gap between healthcare agencies and clients too often results in a vendor-versus-partner relationship, as opposed to a truly collaborative process.

Our Why

As someone who has been in your shoes, Phil found himself uniquely positioned to address this challenge. He has been on both sides of the equation -- he got his start in the healthcare industry, where he worked for over a decade, before becoming a consultant for various agencies. In both roles, he saw firsthand the need for media agencies that bring stakeholders together with a shared purpose.

OUR Promise

With a fresh approach to the agency-client relationship, OpenHuddle works with you to deliver more unified, inventive and influential campaigns. Our diverse team of experts knows that we can make the difference in your marketing campaigns. Our secret? We bring the same empathy and effort to your marketing that you provide to healthcare professionals and patients.

From client to agency to somewhere in the middle, we bring the best of both worlds

Get in touch with us to find out how OpenHuddle can provide you more tailored media solutions based on a better understanding of your healthcare marketing plans.

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